REVIEW: Birdboy & Wren

Title: Birdboy & Wren
Author: Lynda Joyce
Illustrator: Katharine Rattray
ISBN: 978-0-9954115-0-0

Sometimes its hard for the people around us to see our wings, and sometimes they have trouble imaging how high we can fly. Birdboy & Wren takes us on the adventure of Robin, a boy who doesn’t quite fit in and dreams of flying. He’s bullied by his peers and misunderstood by his family. He’s story reminds us how difficult it can be to have faith in ourselves when no one else seems too. It encourages young readers to be themselves despite negativity and we will find those true friends who believe in us too. In a sense, you’re vibe attracts your tribe.

As for the pictures, I love the freestyle type of drawing used by illustrator Katharine Rattray, it really resonates with the story line of not being someone else’s idea of perfect but being you. The illustrations are beautiful, full of character, colour and pattern. Also keep an eye out for fantastic little bugs and critters hidden amongst many of the pages, the more you look the more you find.


Katharine from Kat & Fox has also put together a colouring book “A Little Birdie Told Me” to accompany the story. It features 14 pages of images, patterns and characters from Birdboy & Wren ready to colour in. The colouring book is printed on thick perforated pages so each page can be torn out and displayed (Something Miss Hazelnut is super excited about)

A Little Birdie Told MeA Little Birdie Told Me



The Birdboy persists in flying because he wanted to like a bird. And he made new friends. I liked the pictures and it makes me feel good about being myself. It was great, I loved it.


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