This is another blast from the past! This is a story I wrote in 2000 while in grade 6.




Sylvester was a short boy, age twelve with dark hair and very talkative and now on his way to his relatives house after the horrific car crash that killed his parents. His relatives just happened to live on one of the luxuries Hawaiian islands and he couldn’t wait to see his aunt Hillary and twin cousins Tom and Jerry.

On the plane flight Sylvester was frantically thinking of what they would look like as he had never seen them before. Sylvester’s parents had told him his Aunt Hillary was a slightly round thirty-seven year old with blonde hair. Jerry was the oldest twin, kind hair like his mum and just a bit taller than Tom, who was twelve but he was also cheeky rude and annoying so Sylvester couldn’t wait to see them all.

Wow they were nothing like he was told. Aunt Hillary was thin with dark hair and a really nice tan. Tom and Jerry were really tall and they acted very strange.

“Sir, Sir, excuse me sir could you please make your way to the exit, I’ll get your hand luggage for you” whispered the flight attendant slightly shaking me. I had been dreaming. I had to get off. I had to hurry. They would be waiting for me, worrying about me. I collected my hand luggage and ran down the corridor. When I reached the waiting room, I anxiously looked around. By this time there weren’t many people still waiting.

Over in the corner by the windows, Sylvester spotted two boys about his age fighting over an upside down sign with his name on it. Sylvester’s strength suddenly came flooding back to him. He started to run over to them when a very worried looking lady grabbed his shoulder tightly. He could feel the pain as her fingernails pierced his skin. “Are you Sylvester, are you?” she asked now shaking. Sylvester was surprised by this. “Yes, and are they Tom and Jerry?” he replied pointing to the fighting boys. After slightly calming down. “Tom and Jerry stop fighting and come over here. We’re about to go and help Sylvester get his bags!!!” They ran over and started pulling Sylvester towards all the luggage.

They soon caught the local bus.

(ten minutes later)

When they had reached a nice cream coloured house in the town of Oface they stopped and piled out caring several bags. Aunt Hillary told the boys to leave them at the front door and show Sylvester the sites (such as Kilauea).

When they reached Kilauea it was doing something strange> Huge puffs of dirty gray smoke were pouring out of the top and it was violently shaking causing many rocks and stones to fall. Horrified they ran towards the town screaming “Volcano, Volcano, Kilauea is going to erupt!!! Hurry we need to get away!!!” Several people came out of there houses with terrified expressions painted upon their faces. They frantically looked around the trees and houses to see Kilauea through out huge rivers of boiling larva.

The red hot larva rushed furiously towards the town. Screaming people grabbed many of their possessions and tried to get as far away as possible. Some people climbed in small canoes and paddles into the dangerous water. Those who couldn’t tried to stop the larva burning down their houses. Horror filled the air of Oface. Their lives were destroyed.

Sylvester and the twins ran through the town that was now flooded with terrified people. When they arrived at their house, after what seemed like hours, they also started throwing water and anything else they could find at the larva hoping to stop it from getting any closer. The houses were burnt to the ground. The only things that remained were bits of tin from the roofs and a few bricks floating on top of the larva.

“Aaarrhhhh, my arm!” It was Jerry the larva had splashed up and burnt his arm and now it was bleeding badly. Quickly they ran to an unburned alleyway where Aunt Hillary told them to stay while she went to find help. She ran into the middle of one of the main streets. “Help, Help, we need a doctor, my son, my poor son Jerry, his arm has been burnt, Please someone get a doctor.”

A red faced man with a volunteer handkercheif tied around his upper arm ran over to her. “Where is your son, I will take him to the beach were the doctors can attend to his arm.” he said in a soothing voice. When they arrived at the spot where the boys were left, they found out Jerry had fainted. The volunteer picked him up with his own arms now covered in cuts and scratches. When they reached the beach it was filled with injured people. They had also been victims of the splashing larva. The doctors and nurses were running around attending to their burns and injuries.

Jerry’s arm was hanging helplessly while the doctor was examining it. The burns were bad and near the bone.

Part of a tin roof came flying off a small sand cliff. It rushed across the beach towards them. They darted out of the way just as it splashed furiously into the water. The doctor attended Jerry’s arm yet again. “Hillary, his arm is badly burnt. We’re going to take him over to the main land island so he can get proper medical attention and I’m sure he would prefer it if you went with him. The other boys will be, O.K?” said Dr Wolfe (their family doctor) in a very stern voice. Aunt Hillary finally accepted after ten minutes of fighting with Tom. “You stay here, be good and keep yourselves out of trouble. I’m very sorry but I have to go. I’ll be back soon.” she whispered as she kissed them both on the forehead.

“But Mum,” “No buts Tom, Bye.” She quickly walked up to a canoe the volunteers had already prepared and placed Jerry in with his head resting on a pile of ragged old shirts. She climbed in with the help of their neightbour Jim who climbed in afterwards and started rowing towards the main island. Sylvester and Tom were alone. For a while they watched the now tiny canoe row further away.

The ash that had been hovering in the sky was now starting to fall revealing the dark rain clouds towing in the sky. The ash was smothering the fires putting most of them out. The boys went to find shelter. They finally found some under one of the tin roofs that didn’t burn. They huddled up together in the ash that was still warm.

The skies were still dark even though the ash had fallen and it was growing colder. The two boys were slowly put to sleep by the pitter pat on the tin.

They slept for hours. When they awoke they realised they weren’t on the warm ash any more but a slightly lumpy goo. They rain had mixed with the ash making a foul smelling goo.

Sylvester poked his head outside the tin roof to see people stumbling up the road then sliding back down unwillingly. People were covered in the dark grey mud and it was starting to set on their skin. The boys ran out into the cold rain trying to wash off as much as possible. It was just like cement. People who were covered were becoming living statues. Tom and Sylvester tried to wash it off others but it just stayed there of came off onto them. It was raining heavier and the mud was getting thicker. The rain soon eased off, but the mud was worse than ever.

It was just like quick sand. If you were to take a step it would just swallow you whole. The boys peeled off any dry mud and several layers of skin that were stuck to it. They found some sheets of metal floating around. They helped each other climb on after fighting about who got the bigger piece and finally went to sleep thinking about what had happened.

When they awoke again, the town was covered in dried mud and the sheets of metal they found were stuck. The people who survived the volcano and mud slides were sitting down in small groups crying about what had happened to them. Sylvester and Tom got up, walked to the shore and started washing off any mud. After about five minutes they saw a fleet of boats sailing towards them. They were from the other island. They were coming to save them. When the fleet sailed as close to the shore as possible a large group of men clambered out with their arms filled with wood, nails,paint and more. They were going to rebuild the town.

Behind a pair of very muscular men with white hard hats on, they saw a face they recognised. It was Aunt Hillary, she was back. They ran over to her. “You’re back, oh it’s so good to see you, we’ve been so scared with all the mud and people dying. See we should of come with you and Jerry. Oh and how is Jerry?” Tom said without taking a breath until he was totally finished. “It’s wonderful to see you two as well, and Jerry is alright now. He’ll return to the island once we’ve rebuilt our house.” she said with tears in her eyes and a few running down her pink cheeks.

And with that the town was rebuilt and Jerry was soon reunited with his family.



Chusan  –  Aged 12  –  Australia