10 Cool DIY Bookmarks

I love a good bookmark and it’s always handy to have a couple of extras nearby, but lately I’ve found myself using whatever scraps of paper I can get my hands on. So being school holidays, we decided to get crafty and make some bookmarks so all those ratty pieces of paper can finally retire. Check out 10 cool DIY bookmarks we came across and we highly recommend you have a go at making some too.


  1. Tea Cup Bookmarks

These super cute bookmarks are easy to make and would make a great gift for grandparents. If you didn’t want to use scrapbook paper you could just print them on stiff card and lets the kids go crazy with pencils or textas. The tea tag is also a great spot to put who made the bookmark and date.



       2. Corner Creature Bookmarks

These funky little fellas could be made into any critter or creature you can imagine. You probably already have the supplies at home and they’re not difficult to make. Could be fun little gifts for party bags too.



       3. Pom Pom Bookmarks

Pom poms are all the rage right now and honestly how can you be sad when there’s pom poms around. Easy to make and all you need is some yarn and scissors and you’ll be turning out these cuties before you know it



       4. Printable Bookmarks

These are so easy even the littlest kiddies can have a go. Just print out on heavy card and let them go nuts colouring in.



       5. Mermaid Bookmarks

These Hug A Book book marks a just magical. They would make great party crafts or gifts for any mermaid themed birthday.

On a side note: Maggy from Red Ted Art is the Queen of crafty book marks so if there was another theme you’re looking for, she’s got you covered!!



       6. Woven Bookmarks

These woven bookmarks are a little bit trickier so may be better for the older kids but are really cool. You can have then as soft or stiff bookmarks and can make any pattern you like.

They kinda remind me of the beading bracelets and anklets I used to have as a kid. Will definitely be making one of these for myself.



       7. Superhero Bookmarks

OMG Superhero bookmarks!! My little fella would love one of each of these. They are so simple to make but look fantastic. I even want to make these in some sort of Harry Potter designs for me.



       8. Tie-dye Bookmarks

I love tie-dye and these rainbow bookmarks are like an art and science project in one.If you didn’t have an empty vinegar bottle, a white or clear cover from a plastic display folder would probably work just as well and be a bit easier to cut out also.



       9. Elastic Charm Bookmarks

Elastic bookmarks are so handy and super easy to make and personalise. I made these with my daughter and even made a few extras as place holders for my bullet journal.



       10. Paperclip Bookmarks

Another great one for bullet journals/day planners and when it comes to customising the sky’s the limit. You could make these with ribbons, tassels, pompoms, buttons, charms or scrapbook decals.



So there you have it, 10 cool DIY bookmarks to have a go at making. Which one will you choose?