The Turners

The Turners had a boy called Timmy.

It was his birthday on September 17th.

In the morning Timmy got ten presents and he went to the new Flip Out.

He brought five friends called May, Coby, Cooper, Jake , Jade.

After the party Timmy went home.

Timmy’s aunty came around and had dinner with Timmy and Mum and Dad.

Timmy said to Aunty “I’m 7 today.”

After dinner they had a cake.

When Timmy went into bed he spewed.

“Mum! Dad! Help, I spewed.”

“Ok, yuck.” Mum said.

“Yuck.” Dad said.

“Maybe too much cake.” said Timmy.

The next morning Timmy woke up.

“Where’s my birthday presents?” he said.

Dad said “You birthday party was yesterday. But…. there’s one more present.”

It was Timmy’s favourite thing.

Fairy God Parents that grant 20,000 wishes.




Ellira  –  Aged 7  –  Australia