The Giant Feet

Once upon a time, lived a girl in a castle and a monster in a forest.

On night the monster came out of the forest.

He was roaring “Roar, Roar, Roar!”

The little girl heard the monster roaring in the night.

Then she heard him stamping his giant feet, the castle stated shaking.

She stated screaming “Help, help, help somebody!”

She cried out loud “Help!”

The monster heard and stopped and ran away.

The girl came out of the castle and…saw giant feet on the ground.

She saw no monster, suddenly she saw a ginormous Monster!!

“Oh that’s whats making the sound” she said and the monster ran away.

The little girl started looking for the monster.

She found it in the forest, hiding and became friends.




Ellira – Aged 7 – Australia